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Dormitory Anhui University of Technology (Anhui University of Technology) is located on the campus itself. There are several types of hostels, for the Chinese themselves and for foreigners. Since in Chinese culture guests are supposed to offer the best of everything, hostels for foreigners are always distinguished by additional comfort.


Dormitory Anhui University of Technology (Anhui University of Technology) is quite safe as there is 24 hour security and video surveillance. And all the gates of the campus pass through checkpoints.


Dormitories are equipped with all the necessary furniture for the student (table, chairs, wardrobe, bed) *. There are four, two and single dormitories (depending on the type of accommodation at the university) Often students are provided with double apartments, but in some four-bed apartments. For single apartments you can pay extra.

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How to enroll at Anhui University of Technology?

The Chinese, who want to enroll at the Anhui University of Technology, are sure to take the All-China State Gaocao entrance exam.

For foreigners, everything is much easier . Enrollment at Anhui University of Technology is carried out by passing pre-university training, the duration of which is six months or a year, depending on your level of knowledge of Chinese.

Pre-university training

The International Foundation Program (IFP) is a full-fledged preparatory program that includes not only preparation for the language, but also for the subjects.

That is, in the IFP you will study:

  • Household Chinese Language.
  • Academic Chinese Language.
  • Subject Terminology in Chinese.
  • Profile subjects (at the basic level).

IFP will help you:

  • Enroll in Anhui University of Technology without exams *.
  • Get a grant at Anhui University of Technology **.
  • Adapt to a foreign environment and delve into Chinese culture.
  • Understand the Chinese educational system.
  • You always have the support of teachers and management of the IFP center, both in the academic and household parts.

* All IFP students are enrolled at Anhui University of Technology based on the results of final exams at IFP. That is, IFP students enter without entrance exams.

** Grant type and conditions are determined by several academic parameters. We recommend that you leave a request, and we will consult you in detail.