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China Campus Network is a consortium of leading universities in China, created with the support of the Ministry of Education of China . CCN is headquartered in Shanghai. The main goal of CCN is to provide exclusive access for foreign applicants to leading universities in China. CCN offices operate in such countries as Uzbekistan, Russia, Mexico, Morocco, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Bangladesh and many other countries. The consortium includes more than 28 universities. Most of these universities are leaders in industry rankings. There are also universities that are part of League C9 (an alliance of the nine best universities in China).

The China Campus Network team helps applicants to receive a world-class quality education, providing a more comfortable integration into the educational process and the cultural environment of China, for further study.

About CCN

China Campus Network (CCN) is a University Consortium jointly established by 28 of China’s leading Universities. We are committed to providing international students with the very best opportunities that China has to offer. Through on campus Chinese language and Academic Preparation programs leading to both Undergraduate or Post Graduate degrees, CCN offers fully comprehensive on campus Preparation programs that also include incredible scholarships as well as internships in some of China’s leading industries!

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