CCN International Foundation Program (IFP)

CCN International Foundation Program about China Campus Network (CCN) China Campus Network (CCN) is a University Consortium jointly established by 28 leading Chinese universities. CCN is committed to facilitating quality access to Chinese Higher Education for international students and maximizing their benefits from China Opportunity, through the provision of International Foundation Programmes and Careers Development Programs

Introduction to the IFP Program

Who developed the IFP?

A preparatory program developed by CCN with the support of specialists from the best universities in China to facilitate admission and further education of foreign students in China.

Where is the IFP?

Preparation takes place in special IFP centers directly at the university together with its teachers.

Why should IFP students?

This is necessary to help the student immerse himself in the student environment and delve into the educational process itself but at the same time provide him with additional support at the initial stage of such an important period in the life of each student.