China Campus Network (CCN) is a University Consortium jointly established by 28 leading Chinese universities, providing quality on campus Chinese Language Academic Preparation programs for international students preparing to enter Chinese Universities. Through successful graduation of the IFP program, our students are eligible for full scholarship into their Undergraduate or Masters Degrees in China!


CCN’S International Foundation Program (IFP) was designed by our consortium of 28 partners Universities in China to fully prepare students for successful degree study at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level. All IFP programs are taught on the campus of our partner universities in China so from the very first day our students experience full immersion.


The IFP offers comprehensive value for international students On successful completion of the IFP students are eligible for full scholarships into their UG or PG degree. The IFP divides students into 3 streams according to their desired majors: Business Stream, Science and Technology Stream or Humanities Stream upon successful completion of the IFP, students can choose entry to up to 3 of our partner universities around China.


During the IFP students are taking both Chinese Language as well as study skills classes related to their UG or PG degree. Chinese language is essential for your success during your degree. The below graph shows the 3 Routes of students according to Chinese language level. Beginners of Chinese would take Route A. Those with a level of Chinese over HSK 2 – 3 would take Route B. Route C would be for students with over an HSK level of 3.


We are proud to have identified Key Majors within our partners that are offering students real internship opportunities and access to some great career opportunities both in China and back home!