The UEA “University Enterprise Alliance” programs (UG and PG) are a unique 4 step combination of:

  • Chinese Language Academic Prep Program (ranging from 10 months for students with low/ no Chinese) right up to 3 months for students with medium level fluency
  • UG degree years 1 and 2
  • 16 week internship with industry partner
  • Completion of degree 3 and 4

UEA students, from their first day of classes in China, are with the same group all planning to do the same UEA focused Bachelor / Masters Degree at the same university, so they are able to immediately build a strong sense of ownership over the opportunity that lies before them, as well as build a team around themselves to help them through the following years of studies and internship. 

The programs we offer at the UEA level are now across a much wider spectrum of Bachelor degrees than even before, HOWEVER we can also offer more programs than these if we identify particular needs in the market at either UG or PG level. We can still offer the full portfolio of degrees our University partners offer, but it is the UEA programs that really offer students the unique career focused Bachelor Degrees.

With tailored internship opportunities in China: Using the Chinese language that the students have already acquired over the past 3 years in China, along with their 2 years of Bachelor Degree level studies, the internship provides a critical platform to allow them to really explore their own talents within this new industry in the new China.