CCN Scholarship Exclusively For IFP Students

The CCN Scholarship is a premium scholarship scheme established by China Campus Network (CCN) consortium universities. It represents CCN universities’ commitment to selecting the best students and working with them to ensure that they attain their academic and professional goals. 

91% of IFP Graduates received scholarships in top Chinese universities.

You Can be One Of Them

Scholarship Categories

Reward the best

Upto 300,000 RMB/Student Granted by Top Universities Available In Major Cities
  • A0 Covers
  • 100% Tuition + Accommodation & Living Stipend
  • 100% Tuition + Accommodation
  • 100% Tuition + Living Stipend
  • A1/A2 Covers 100% Tuition
  • A3 Covers 50% Tuition
  • A4 Covers 25% Tuition

Other Rewards Include

  • Internship Opporunities
  • Mentorship Services
  • China Access Program Courses
  • High School Graduation Certificate/Transcript
  • Personal Statement
  • Reference Letter